it's in the little things.

sighs and imperceptible smiles.
sudden bursts of laughter (in public places).
rainy Tuesdays, sunny Saturdays.
filtered coffee and (with) croissants.
a shared straw and a thick vanilla shake.
a shared umbrella under torrential rain.
dimples, freckles.
songs from your childhood suddenly appearing on random playlists in random places.

last minute trips.
criss-crossing countries on a train.
getting lost in your own city,
and long conversations with people you don't speak the language.

cookie dough ice cream, grilled cheese, green wine.
cats, dogs, birds and butterflies.
classic movies, romantic comedies, subtitled series you can't pronounce.
falling asleep at the beach.
sea salt on your skin.
feet in the sand, head on the grass.
(slowly) falling to the bottom of a pool.

yawning (without covering your mouth)
smiling (often).

you know,
the little things.

- Erick Rosa.
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