Fuck might be the most versatile words in the English language. 
There is the fuck related to sexual intercourse: Let’s fuck, fuck around, among others.
The second use is: Fuck you! by far the most recognizable insult on earth, so famous that even has a its own gesture. Fuck off! is a variation heavily used in UK, to make it clear they use two fingers instead of one. Third in the podiums of Fucks is the WTF, used as an act of surprise or disbelieve. So exquisite that you don’t even need to use the word, the acronym works perfectly, especially when writing. One thing is not to care about something, another is not giving a fuck about it. Fucking is also the best superlative ever. 
You don’t make a mistake, you fucked up. The usability is endless. 
Oh, Fuck, Martin asked me for 100 words and this text already has 151.
Should I edit it?
Ahhhh, Fuck it.

- Juan Christmann
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